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My favorite memory of the past year.


Celebrate me home...

The Cookie.

Memories of Christmas past.

Grab the quilt and get comfy!

It may not be warm enough for this yet

Neither NEVER nor ALWAYS

Whose issue is it really?

You're looking in the wrong place

Accept it, delightfully so.

He loves you, no more and no less

Stop, in the name of love

Jesus loves me, this I know?

Expectations or Possibilities

A week later, not so pretty.

The day was finally here...

The scary part of being known.

Not Jeremiah, but God's

Being known

"How are you doing?"

Dreams and Shadows

Crock Pot Soup

The walls come tumbling down

Prayer questions

Learning what you know

Take the time.

Learning new things

No matter what, you are loved.

{Boston} Crocheted Cowl

for you

Two weeks have passed.

Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today