December 3, 2012

It may not be warm enough for this yet

but that simply means you have plenty of time to make one before it is. This is my most favorite hat pattern, and it took me a bit of time to relocate it so that I could link to it.

Let me say, I do not use that yarn. I do use a K hook. I don't make the scarf most times. For a child's head I stop the increases at row 7. That may take a little experimenting on your part. :)

I have used this hat pattern for YEARS. The page I printed out has 12/10/2008 on the bottom. This is crazy to me, but it is the one hat pattern I fall back on constantly. I have altered it by removing the brim, adding cables, or using much thinner yarn and a different size hook. It's just lovely for personalization. I figure, if it is to the dismay of the stocking owner it's all good. Everyone needs something to shovel snow in, at the very least. :)

hat 1 hat 3 hat 2

These are the hats I made in 2008. Forgive the deer in the headlight's look. ROFL But if you want to see my notes on the hats, hit my ravelry page here.

Now! Share with me your favorite go to pattern, for gifts or yourself!

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