Maybe it's as much how we live as what we know.

I just reread my notes on Proverbs 1-9, and am on my third cup of coffee. I also have been surfing through Facebook some this morning. My brain is trying to take it all in. Is there a balance to this world, or is there a diving into the deep end and simply letting go of the rest?

On Facebook I see people who are all speaking wisdom from their point of view. What keeps me from doing the same verses seeking out God's wisdom? How do I know if I'm more my own perspective than Gods? You see, I have several different dozen friends on that platform who all have their own passion in regards to something in this life. Some of them have opposing views but they both believe they are one hundred percent correct. 

Sometimes it gets ugly. I hate it when it gets ugly. But I've been there, and done that, and though it breaks me I just let it slide at this point. I guess I don't feel as if I know them well enough to address the ugly, which says something else entirely about Facebook. I wont be addressing that today either.

But I find it curious that each and every person believes their perspective, opinion, or point of view is wisdom and every one else is mired in folly. Could it really be all that simple?

We all have a tendency to want to be heard, but how often do we really listen? 
We want our perspective to be seen clear, but how often do we step in others shoes?
We want wisdom to prevail, but whose wisdom are we fighting for?

If we were to rewrite some of the Proverbs, Wisdom and Folly would not be at the gate but they would be loud and large on social media. They would have accounts, offering similar things, with thousands of followers each. Because it takes nothing to hit like or follow, but it takes more to really hear and learn. 

Wisdom offers you information from her own experience. She has made the meal she is offering you. She wants you to leave the "like" button behind and rather walk in the way she is leading.

Folly has stolen it all. Nothing she offers you is hers. But eat it anyway, because it's sweet and it will make you happy. Hit like. It's all good.

If I were to read this out loud or place it on Facebook I am sure everyone would think they fell in the wisdom group and their opponents fell in the folly group. The question then remains, how can we be sure we are following wisdom? 

I don't know that I have the answer. I don't want to become the person that says, "Be you and if someone else is uncomfortable with who you are becoming the problem is theirs." Because really that's a frightening sentence. And a fighting one. Just as I can't live my life trying to please everyone, how can I live my life ignoring all but those who agree with me? 

Not that I'm suggesting we be like trees in the wind, bending in whichever direction the wind is blowing. No, we need to know what we know, yet be willing to hear another at the same time. We need to respect one another, but be true to ourselves. Which is why if each of us go to God for wisdom, then we can stand with confidence, and yet be open to learning from others who God places in our lives. 

There are certain boundaries we all need to have. Places where we stand firm, but kindly. And then we need to listen, because life is made up of living, relationships, circumstances, and days. We live them out, and learn from them. We listen to others, and learn from them. We turn to God, and let Him be our filter for everything. 

Another's offense is not necessarily something we need to correct, but hear them out because you might learn something. And even if you walk away not agreeing with that person, speak kindly. We may change our mind, they may change theirs, but ugliness and arguing doesn't help anything.

Maybe wisdom is not only what we know but how we live? Which is why Wisdom wants us to "give up our folly and simple ways, and walk in the way of insight" instead? Just maybe.

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