Proverbs 1: We have a choice

The fear {respect, piety} of the LORD {Jehovah} is the beginning {what is first, chief, choice part} of knowledge {understanding, learning}; fools {one who mocks when guilty, one who is quarrelsome} despise {scorn, ridicule, show contempt for} wisdom {skill in life, trade, war, or spiritual things} and instruction {discipline, chastening, correction}. Proverbs 1:7

There are many "core" verses of Proverbs. Some are similar, some are slightly different, and each is most likely a personal preference for the one deciding. For me Proverbs 1:7 would be the core, especially since I was studying the book looking for wisdom information. 

The words in parentheses are the definitions for the original word which comes before. I found it interesting that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, not wisdom. I guess I just always thought it said wisdom for some reason. And the truth is, the two words aren't exactly synonymous. 

It's more like.... In order to even try to get to wisdom you must first have knowledge. When you can understand and learn then you can have a skill and comprehend correction. But before we can begin to understand we must fear the LORD. 


My mind went to Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." I'm not sure how it connects aside from the fact we are called to put God first in both places, but then since God is the beginning of all things that might just make sense. He is the One who created this place, this earth, this life, our very beings... does it not make sense to seek Him out to know more about it all?

But we don't have to just seek Him out, He seeks us out to. Wisdom, in the end of chapter 1, calls out to us. We'll see this again in later chapters. but in this instance no one listens to her call. Unfortunately, wisdom is needed before it is needed. Whether it is information and skill on how to do a job, defend yourself, create a meal, or grow a garden, the wisdom to do those things must be in place before we begin to do them. On the job training is possible in some situations, but not for an exemplary result. Too often we turn from wisdom, we don't pay attention to the One who created us, and a situation comes up and it's too late. We can learn from the situation. We can possibly get through the situation. But had we respected the LORD before hand, and learned wisdom from Him, then we would have been better prepared before hand for the situation.

This makes me think of our intuition. It is my belief God set that inside of us as a personal alarm system to pay attention to things we don't always pay attention to. It can direct us in many different ways if we choose to listen to it, but too often we don't. Too often instead we say, "if I had just listened to my gut." Believe me, I've said it as well.

You see, it's a two way road isn't it? God seeks us, wisdom calls to us, our gut informs us but if we choose to turn our backs we can. There are consequences, however, to those who blatantly disregard God and those who simply turn their backs on Him.

By the way, getting out of bed was harder this morning. Old habits die hard, but I thought I would have a bit more of a reprieve before I had to struggle. The excitement of starting something new waned when the alarm went off and I wanted to stay in the little hole under the covers I had created. It took me about ten minutes to follow through. Doing what we know we are supposed to do isn't always the easy thing or the thing we want, is it?

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