Proverbs 4-7: it's a choice

Last night I began to sink. This morning I felt stuck. I slept in but thankfully only by half an hour. I made myself get up. It wasn't what I wanted to do. I read my joy devotional and wondered how one held onto joy in the midst of circumstances, relationships, and feelings. My #joyinthemorning was no where to be seen. Then I was reviewing the Proverbs chapters and was reminded that it's all a choice.

If I focus on this feeling of lack, no more sun will shine in my day. 
If I curl in to the feeling of being alone, I push others away from me.
If I wait for someone to reach out to me, they can not read my mind.
If I need a reminder of why I should have joy, I already have it.

I was going to write all the "things," all the "reasons" I should have joy right now. Things having to do with circumstances and relationships and feelings. Ironic that I would find the bright side of those when it was the dark side that caught me in a pit. But then, maybe that's the point of it all? Maybe the choice lies in not ignoring the hard, but remembering the good also. 

If I feel as if I am not loved, then I need to remind myself of those who do love me.
If I feel forgotten, then I need to reach out to someone else and remind them they count.
If I think the day is hard, I need to remember that it really has had some bright moments.
There is a hard and there is an easy, and that is the sum of our days.
What do I want to focus on?

Proverbs 4-7 discusses choice. Will we listen to those who have come before? Will we listen to wisdom when she calls? Will we take a path that is not meant for us? Will we do the things the Lord hates? Will we stubbornly stay on the path when we realize we are not where we should be? Will we guard our heart and our life? 

Don't be surprised when you go down the wrong path at the wrong time and you find temptation there. If I choose to stay on this path of emptiness and lacking, rather than fight against that and look towards life and richness, then how can I be surprised when I find myself deeper in the pit eventually not looking for a way out?

A friend reminds me often, today can always be day one. Every morning we can have new mercies. Each moment the decision is ours. Would you rather be on day eleventythousand of a path you should not be on? Then choose every moment, every morning, every week that it's okay for it to be day one. It's okay because it's always good when we choose well.

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